Siata Duplex Softener


These automatic SIATA watersofteners have especially been designed for all kinds of applications: apartments, factories, hotles, restaurants, hospitals, laundry works and... any place where soft water is of absolute priority. Whatever may be your problem of industrial water, we are always able ot propose the most adequate and economic apparatus adapted to your needs. SIATA is an excellent combination of reliable technique of diaphgram valves with high technology in the compact and multifunctional valves for industrial applications. These kind of valves offer innumerable advantages:

  • diaphgram valves with 2" inlet and outlet assure a high flow rate with very lottle pressure loss;
  • better backwash and a bigger connection to the sewer-pipe;
  • complete range of mechanical and electronic control valves allow you to select the most efficient installation for watertreatment, chronologic, volumetric, simplex or duplex. Important: when you have a duplex installation there's no need for any additional diaphragmtaps;
  • simple use, flexible operation and an extremely low salt consumption.