Ion Exchange Units


Water treatment - a necessity for each company, a necessity for you and your family.

Water is the most important substance on our planet, that is why a thorough and specific treatment is not something we can take lightly... Lime scale is a stubborn problem for pipes and domestic appliances that work on hot water, for steam boilers and air humidifying systems, cooling circuits and towers, dishwashers and washing machines. The ion exchange water softener is the most common tool used in the removal of scale-forming calcium and magnesium ions (known as temporary hardness) from hard water. A standard water softener works by allowing hard water to filter downwards through a bed of ion exchange resin. The ion exchange resin attracts the calcium and magnesium ions (hardness) and replaces them with sodium ions which are less problematic for water systems and will not cause scale build-up. Once the ion exchange resins are saturated with hardness, the regeneration sequence on the water softener begins. Whatever your industrial or domestic water problem may be, we can offer you the ideal appliance and at the same time the most effective one for your needs. That is why we offer you a range of appliances that cannot be equalled as far as quality and choice is concerned. The strength, quality and reliability of these have been praised by thousands of satisfied customers.