ARION filter is used in waterworks and sanitary system where a water filtration is requested with the possibility to eliminate the impurities lying on the bottom of the glass. It is useful as pre-filtration before a purification system too. When the water reaches the cartrisge all impurities, that are in that water, are kept by this cartridge. When the water doesn't flow, these impurities fall down into the transparent glass. To discharge impurities is sufficient ot open the ball valve on the top of the filter. In this way, the part of the watre is discharge by the copper pipe with all the impurities being on the bottom of the glass. Closing the ball valve, this operation will be finished. No tools need for this operation. During hte emptying system, the filtration is however active. Max working pressure 16Bar, max working temperature with transparent glass 40C, with brass glass 90C. Transparent glass in Trogamid-T, cartridge in stainless steel, body in brass, gaskets made of NBR rubber. Sizes of the thread connection from 1/2inch to 2inch.