PRODUCT NEWS: The revolutionary Delta Open Drain (D.O.D.)

The D.O.D. (Delta Open Drain) is an open drain to prevent backflow of contaminated water. D.O.D, an invention of our sister company Delta Water Engineering, won the innovation award during the last Aquatech Trade show in november 2015.

The D.O.D. is a small device that is installed in the drain pipe of the water softener and that prevents backflow from the drain to the softener. The D.O.D is equipped with a transparent cover to prevent water splash.


6 unique characteristics

  1. D.O.D. is designed in conformity with the standard NBN EN 1717 which prescribes a visible open drain or overflow
  2. This open drain system serves as “backflow prevention” from drain to the water piping.
  3. D.O.D. is supplied with double connection which makes it possible to connect it both to the drain and to the overflow tubing. 
  4. Transparent protection cap serves not only as a protection against water splashes but also for a visual control on the open drain (see point 1) and good functioning of the softener. 
  5. The connection piece (T-piece) is movable in the transparent protection cap in order to ease the assembling of the drain hoses. 
  6. Choice of connection: directly to a drain pipe or in a solvent cement socket.