Industrial water treatment

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Over the last decades, in addition to residential systems, Euraqua has acquired considerable expertise in water treatment on an industrial scale. We have already completed a host of projects, including complete turnkey projects as well as providing support to industrial systems integrators. In the latter project category specialised water treatment was one of the components of an integrated project. But our service does not end when the project is completed; we also offer all possible technical monitoring in case of maintenance or repairs. In so doing we provide maximum support to our customers - the professional water treatment service providers – in the frame of their services.


Everywhere water plays a role ...


These industrial projects are situated in various sectors: the food industry, breweries, farms, the chemical industry, slaughterhouses, etc. Everywhere water plays a role in the production process we are able to offer our specialised services. Our industrial treatment systems can easily reach a capacity of 10 to 250 cubic metres/hour.  In all our projects we resolutely opt to reuse water and limit the amount of remaining wastewater as much as possible. The water bill of the end user is thus reduced; at the same time we also protect the environment. 


From analysis to the right water


In industrial integrated projects we start from the initial water analysis. Depending on the industrial application, we review the target values which the treated water has to have as well as the desired flows, together with the customer. Then our water specialists set to work with the necessary calculations in order to tailor an appropriate solution. Besides all the technical drawings Euraqua – where necessary – can also be in charge of all engineering, assembly and the commissioning of the systems onsite.  All this is done at the request of our customers

Some inspiring examples


To achieve the desired results we use all possible modern water treatment techniques. Below are some recent inspiring examples of our industrial achievements:

  • Together with a well-known Belgian producer of carbonated water and soft drinks we developed and built a water treatment plant capable of producing no less than 120 m³/hour. After treatment by our installation the water complies with various strict norms governing the production of drinking water and soft drinks. Euraqua was in charge of all the calculations, the engineering, the design, the complete installation and the commissioning of the installation. The project coordination was also in our hands.
  • In the Republic of Djibouti Euraqua built a plant to treat seawater so that it may be used for making delicious, refreshing cola. The installation achieves a flow of 60 m³/hour. Euraqua was in charge of the engineering and pre-assembly in Belgium. Our local water treatment partner only had to assemble the ‘kit’ onsite, in a manner of speaking.
  • From Equatorial Guinea we received a request for a water installation capable of supplying the presidential palace and the largest hotel on the island with pure drinking water. We happily obliged, together with our Polish customer.  This is an example of global entrepreneurship.
  • A Belgian carpet manufacturer wanted to use treated water to protect its steam boilers and obtain a constant colour for its yarns and dyes. The installation had to have a capacity of at least 40 m³/hour. The time pressure was phenomenal. Moreover the installation had to be built while production continued in the facilities of the end user.  But we managed to complete this huge challenge, together with our customer, within the agreed deadline.
  • Another industrial solution which Euraqua developed for a customer was finally delivered to Belgium's biggest energy supplier.   This is a water treatment installation which supplies crystal clear water around the clock which is used for powering the huge steam generators, based on reverse osmosis and EDI.
  • A manufacturer of electronic components from Slovakia contacted our local water treatment partner for a solution to obtain the highly optimised water needed for its production process. Euraqua developed a system that used much less water and therefore required smaller pumps. The end user thus obtained a welcome reduction of water and electricity costs.
  • Together with a local partner Euraqua was in charge of the engineering for a water project near Tartu, Estonia. With our installation, we provide 28 cities with pure water from wells. The installation removes iron, manganese and fluoride from the well water in order to obtain drinking water. With the same partner we also worked on a pilot project to extract iron, manganese and radium from water in one treatment step.