Domestic Water Treatment

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Out of the tap in the end user’s home


Before tap water reaches your home your water company will have already subjected it to various treatments. But – at least in our regions – the excessive lime in our water does not contribute to a long lifecycle of your bathroom, shower head, espresso maker, steamer, washing machine, etc. Euraqua’s residential water softening installations offer the perfect solution to this problem.


Water from wells in our area usually contains too much iron and calcium. Euraqua sells integrated systems, which will soften the water as well as removing iron. Abroad – in countries like Norway and Sweden – well water is often pumped up for household use. Depending on the soil this water may contain micro-organisms or bacteria. Euraqua has the right systems to treat this water using UV rays, ultra-filtration or reverse osmosis. The desalination of seawater or the filtering and disinfection of household water is but one of the possibilities of our ready-made 'home systems’.


These are just some examples of the many opportunities our residential systems provide to ensure healthy drinking water for everyone as well as preventing damage to household appliances. At Euraqua we continuously work on even better systems in order to protect the environment and reduce the impact of water on everyone's household budget. This allows our customers to offer residential end users a solution which minimises water waste and ensures a maximum return.